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Graduation 2018

The Graduation Class of 2018


Dear Class of 2018, Graduating Seniors and Parents.  Please read and understand the following...


Final Senior Class Meeting:    May 3, 2018: 12:00pm in PAC.


Cap & Gown Distribution:  Ÿ  May 3, 2018:  1:00pm in the Del Norte Bookroom.


Honors Assembly:                Ÿ  May 4, 2018  DNHS Main Gym (Time: 9:48am-subject to change)

                                                            Graduates must be in their seats at 7:30am (in full cap & gown).


Governor Bent Honor Walk      ŸMay 4, 2018 immediately following the Honors Assembly (DNHS to Gov. Bent)


Graduation Date:                  Ÿ  May 7, 2018  2:30pm at Tingley Coliseum:  NO Tickets required.    

                                                            Graduates must be in their seats by 12:30pm.


Mckinley “Graduation”:     Ÿ   TBA, 2018 - Mckinley Middle School Promotion Ceremony


Textbook return:                   ŸSeniors are responsible for returning books directly to the bookroom.


Fines:                                      ŸIt is your responsibility to clear all fines prior to picking up your cap and  gown.  Cap and gown will NOT                                                  be issued if you are carrying any fines.


Non-Graduating Seniors:          ŸThose not participating in the commencement ceremony may pick                                                                           up their diploma in the main office on May 8, 2018.


Expected Dress (required):




Light colored (white preferred) dress shirt. 


Dark Slacks (black preferred) NO JEANS!

Dark dress shoes or dress boots with hard sole




Dress-any color:  Not longer than “Tea-Length” or

Dress slacks or Dress Capris (Black ONLY)


Dress Shoes: A sensible walking heel is advised.




Correct Graduation Ceremony Cap & Gown Attire:

Black Gown with Teal Stole (worn longer portion down the back), black “mortarboard” cap (worn flat on head, parallel to the floor-NOT on back on head), tassel.  Ladies, do not wear the white collar included with cap & gown (this will make sense when you receive your cap and gown).


ONLY honor cords and medals received as senior awards or at the honors program are allowed to be worn on cap and gown.   No altering of the cap or gown is allowed at all.  No decorations, adornments, or slogans of any type are allowed on cap or gown, including but not limited to flowers, leis, buttons, balloons, signs, sayings, slogans, decals, stickers, etc.


ALL graduates will be “screened” as they enter Tingley Coliseum.  No bags, purses, cameras, cell phones, food, drinks, beach balls, flowers, etc are allowed past the “Student Entrance”.  Please be prepared to secure all items (especially cell phones) outside of Tingley Coliseum as you will NOT be allowed to bring those items in and will be turned away at the door.  Please leave these items with family member or guest.  Do not bring them in!


All graduates planning on participating in this year’s graduation ceremony will be required to open (unzip) gown and prove that no unauthorized items are being brought into Tingley Coliseum.  Please understand, those seniors carrying any unauthorized items will be turned away at the entrance.  Graduates may be asked to empty pockets.  It will be their responsibility to adequately secure these items.  To answer a question before you ask it, “No.  We will not hold your purse, cell phone, camera, etc”.  Any graduate found to be in possession of any of the above-mentioned items while in their ceremony seat will be removed and, depending on time constraints prior to the start of the ceremony, may forfeit their opportunity to participate in this years’ graduation ceremony.


IF you DO NOT attend the Senior Honors Assembly

YOU WILL NOT have a seat at graduation.


PLEASE - Be On Time for all events!!!


Campus Specialties is the official vendor selected by Del Norte High School to provide graduation announcements and caps & gowns to our graduates.   


2018 GRADUATES who plan to borrow a cap & gown may only borrow from ‘14, ’15, ’16 or ’17 graduates.  If you borrow a cap & gown you will need to purchase a ’18 tassel in May.  It is a possibility that in May you will need to purchase a Teal collar and/or a cap that correctly fits your head.


Frequently asked questions about Graduation:


“Isn’t it my right to attend the graduation ceremony?” 


            Actually, no.  The Albuquerque Public Schools is responsible for making sure you have met the minimum requirements determined by the State of New Mexico needed to graduate.  Once those requirements have been met you will receive your diploma and records will indicate that you have successfully graduated.  APS and NMPED are not required to provide you with a graduation ceremony.  We are more than pleased to offer a graduation ceremony that you are welcomed and encouraged to attend…PROVIDED you observe the rules and policies that have been set for this event.


“So, we want to get a little silly.  We earned this graduation.  Is there really any harm done if we get a bit rowdy?”


            Honestly?  Yes.  This is a dignified and auspicious event.  There are some graduates that will have family and friends who travel great distances and incur great expenses to attend.  There are faculty and staff who have worked hard and have given of their personal time to see that this graduation is the event that you deserve.  You do NOT have the right to determine whether or not to ruin or interfere with the magnitude and importance of this ceremony for someone else.


“Can we throw our caps at the end of Graduation?”


            No.  The throwing of caps is specifically not allowed.  If nothing else, this is a safety issue, especially since there have been eye injuries experienced at a graduation ceremony in years past.  In fact, the throwing of caps has not been allowed at DNHS graduations for many…many…many years….decades in fact.  Follow this basic guide:  NO CAP-NO DIPLOMA.  If you throw your cap your diploma will be pulled and will not be given to you at the ceremony, and you can arrange how to pick it up.  This was even discussed at this year’s UNM Graduation!


“You may threaten, but you wouldn’t really throw me out of the ceremony for sneaking in a beach ball, etc. would you?”


            To be perfectly truthful…yes!  Whether or not certain items or behaviors are appropriate for this ceremony is not open to negotiations and will NOT be debated.  The graduation ceremony for the Class of 2018 is a special, formal, dignified and auspicious event.  You will be expected to rise to the occasion.  Any deviation from the expectation in decorum and behavior will result in not being allowed to participate or continue in the participation of the event.


This is Del Norte’s 53rd graduation, and you are invited to attend.  This is a ceremony NOT a party, and it will be treated with the respect that a ceremony such as this deserves.  The graduation ceremony WILL be a dignified and auspicious event.  If you’d like to participate, please adhere to all the rules, policies and procedures that have been and will be presented.

It is true that the right way IS the Knight way.  How will you conduct yourself at this graduation ceremony? 


That’s easy to answer.  “The Knight way…”


The adventure continues…