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For more information on any rules, guidelines, and/or policies download the Del Norte Student Handbook.

Internet Use Policy

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Your student is being offered the experience of using the Internet as a research tool in conjunction with regular classroom activities.  The Internet is a powerful instrument for research and study.  It also has many areas which you as a parent and we as teachers may find inappropriate for your student’s preview.

Due to the number of students in any given class, it is impossible to monitor all students simultaneously.  DNHS staff and faculty will make every good faith effort to insure your student’s access to the Internet is educationally appropriate and meets all guidelines established by APS and DNHS.  No staff or faculty member of DNHS will knowingly allow a student to access inappropriate material.

All students will be required to follow all written and verbal guidelines regarding appropriate Internet access at DNHS.  If at any time your student is found to be not following these guidelines, Internet access privileges will be immediately revoked. Your student will be required to complete all research in more traditional manners.

Ultimately, each student is responsible for following directions from instructors, staying out of areas that are educationally inappropriate and utilizing only areas of the Internet that are appropriate for the classroom learning environment.

Inappropriate Useincludes, but is not limited to, online game playing, accessing chat rooms, plagiarism, flaming, online vandalism, pirating of software, accessing inappropriate World Wide Web sites, and any other policies teachers may describe.  In addition to consequences described in the Knight Code, the following actions will occur:

Violations of this policy may result in loss of internet access and/or removal from class, as well as appropriate consequences as defined by APS district student behavior handbook.