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Special Education Programs

(505) 883-7222

All Teachers can be reached by calling the main number listed above. You may then enter the 5-digit extension to reach your party. Please note that phones do NOT ring in classrooms during school hours, however you will be able to leave a message.

Assistant Principal of Special Education
  Raul Sandoval ex: 43018 Assistant Principal Building and Grounds/ Grade 11 - 12 M-Z
Special Education Head Teacher
  Catherine Jaramillo ex: 43222 Head Special Ed. Teacher
Cross-Categorical Program (Cross-Cat)
  Ryan Albritton ex: 43198 Special Education Math Teacher
  Joseph Arrowsmith ex: 43167 Special Education ELA/Boys Tennis Coach
  Brittney Balog-Williams Educational Assistant
  Maria Lorena Borlasa ex: 43120 Special Education Career Pathway Teacher
  Gregori Boruh Educational Assistant
  Katlyn Cuyler ex: 43194 Special Education English Teacher
  Michele Dean ex: 43181 Special Education Mathematics Teacher
  Joseph Duran ex: 43239 Special Education English Teacher
  Sawyer Krivanek Educational Assistant
  Laura Milligan ex: 43106 Adaptive PE Teacher
  Dmitri Morenkie ex: 43095 Special Education Math Teacher
  Ashley Munoz ex: 43134 Special Education ELA/Cheerleader Coach
  Stephen Pina ex: 43126 Special Education Social Studies/AVID 11
  Joseph Sanchez Educational Assistant
  Chris Scaggari ex: 43149 Study Skills Teacher
  Rick Scaggari ex: 43081 Special Education Health/ELA Teacher
  Ronald Schultz ex: 43121 Special Education Study Skills Teacher
  Christopher Smalls ex: 43076 Special Education Math Teacher/SSC
  Danielle Vigil ex: 43080 Special Biology/Physics Teacher
Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program (DHH)
  Alexa Alverez Educational Assistant
  Laura Arnold Educational Assistant Deaf/Hard or Hearing
  Gary Chapman (505) 715-5075 D/HH Teacher
  Jessica Siesters-Martinez Educational Assistant
English Language Development Program (ELD)
Gifted Program
  Laurel Farner ex: 43207 Mathematics Teacher/Sp Gifted
Intensive Global Supports Program (IGS)
  Monica Luna ex: 43110 Special Education IGSS1
  Veronica Ortega Educational Assistant
  Truman Rainbird Educational Assistant
  Annora Rubio IGS Educational Assistant
Social Emotional Supports Program (SES1)
  Leonardine John SES Educational Assistant
  Jenna Maes Educational Assistant
  Isaiah Mejia ex: 43143 Special Education SESS1
Supplementary Aids & Transition Services
  Micah Corwin ex: 43162 Interpreter
  Camryn Council ex: 43141 Community Support Liaison
  Julie Frenzel Interpreter
  Cynthia Gallegos Supplementary Educational Assistant
  Shyla Huntley ex: 43158 Interpreter
  Angela Littleton ex: 43174 Interpreter
  Naomi Moya ex: 43182 Special Education SLP
  Jayme Phelps ex: 43176 Interpreter
  Amanda Summers ex: 43157 Interpreter
  Jenny Yeh-Nelson ex: 43106 Physical Therapist